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22nd April 2019 by naffy

Dreams I have spent most of my life living in my head in some fantasy land where I wake up and everything sort of just falls in place. I was part of a generation that was told to go down a certain path and good things would happen but as we all know, it doesn’t quite work like that. Dreams are good, ambitions are good but only if they come with doing. So that is what I am focusing on now. Doing more dreaming less.

The times in my life when I have done something I am proud of have all been because I have done something to get there. I’ve taken the idea in my head and put it out in the world in some way or another. Somewhere along the line, I stopped doing this. A prime example? When I started this blog I was a mess. It was a creative outlet for me to feel like I was doing something but I wanted to do more with it. I was scared about what others would think.

We all have gut instincts for a reason. There is a reason we should follow them and see them through. When you have a gut instinct about an idea either in your life or at work, sometimes you need to run with it. If it fails, it fails but at least you know. If it fails, you can find ways to improve it. The alternative to failure is not knowing, which is a lot worse.

Whenever I have a new idea, it takes me forever to put it in motion. It took me six months to film my first Youtube video, a few months before I started my newsletter and it can take me all day to write a blog post sometimes. There are other things I want to do, other projects I have in my mind I want to carry through. So this is a message to me and to you. It is time to stop dreaming and start doing.

Write down one of your dreams and work on making it happen.

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