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Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighters | Review

14th November 2017 by naffy

Barry M Liquid Drops Barry M Highlighter Barry M Review When it comes to liquid highlighters, I can be a bit sceptical. Because I love powered highlighters too much, I expect a lot more from its liquid equivalent. After hearing a lot of the Barry M Highlighters, I knew I had to give them a go.

I picked up the shade beam me up and it is aptly named. This is not a highlighter for the faint-hearted. You can see the shimmer and glistening sheen it will give your cheeks from the moment you pick up the bottle and it translates exactly how it appears on the cheeks.

It comes with a dropper applicator which can take some getting use too. You can apply a couple of drops on to a brush and blend it on to the cheeks, however, I have found it easier to apply using my fingers. It allows you to blend it perfectly – making sure the product goes exactly where you want it too.

The liquid is on the thicker side – even in comparison to some cream highlighters, which I actually like. It means you get incredible pigmentation and the product doesn’t move around on top of your foundation.

Beam me up as I have mentioned is rather shimmery, something I don’t mind, it is something I look for when I am doing my make up for events like Eid and weddings. If you are someone who has wanted to try the cover FX liquid highlighters –  from the swatches I have done, they are very similar. The Cover FX drops are a little more metallic in comparison but this is a great affordable alternative.

The Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighters comes in four shades. I was drawn to Beam Me Up as I found it matched my skin perfectly. Barry M has done a good job to make sure the shades within the Liquid Chrome collection matches the majority of skin tones.

Have you tried the new Barry M Liquid Chromes? Will you be picking up Beam Me Up?


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