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Autumn Style Tips | Fashion

14th September 2017 by naffy

Autumn Fashion Autumn Style Tips As the season shifts, I have been thinking about my wardrobe. I find I am in my fashion element when the Autumn and Winter months come around and as September is here, it has got me thinking about shaking things up in the fashion department. When it comes to Autumn, in particular, there are some key Autumn style tips I try to stick to.

Think of layers 

At the moment you could leave the house and it will be dark, miserable looking like it is going to rain only for there to be rays of sun shine in the sky a few hours later. Layering your outfits with jumpers, jackets ect is a great way to make sure you don’t burn up in the sun or stop you shivering in the cold.

Keep the sunglasses on 

The one thing I love about the weather is the autumn brisk walks. You know those walks where the sun is out but there is the crisp fresh cold air against your skin. I love my sunglasses and the sun is technically still out so you can bet I will be wearing them for as long as I can.

Embrace the boots

Boots – my absolute favourite piece of footwear. I actually am on the hunt for my new boots of the season so keep your eyes peeled to see which ones I end up picking up. If you are looking for new boots, I would highly recommend checking out New Look and ASOS.

Up the basic jumper game 

Towards the end of last winter, I really fell in love with wearing over sized jumpers with thick leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of boots. It is the perfect – put together but actually thrown together in five minutes kind of look which I love.

With these Autumn Style Tips firmly in place, all there is left to say is haul video heading your way soon 😉 stay tuned.


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