Warm Autumn Eyes | Review

13th September 2018 by naffy

IMG_0995 IMG_0992 IMG_0996 Huda beauty swatch IMG_0812 If there is one thing I did not bank on, it was my love for warm eyeshadows. I am not talking about the stand neutral shades I wear all the time. I am talking about hints of red, orange and yellow. I have been wearing them all summer but there is something which shouts Autumn eyes to me.

All the Amber

I am here for this amber eye look. I never thought I would be someone who enjoyed a deep orange/ red look but this has honestly become my go too. I know it is a little bit overboard for a day in the office but your girl does not get out much so why the hell not go all out every now and then.

A Rose Shimmer

When I felt like my eyes needed a bit of rest from orange, I have been playing around with pinks and purples to create a daytime appropriate lilac eye look. Everytime I do this, I feel like it looks slightly different. Some days there is a bit more pink on the lids while on other days, there is more of the lilac. It depends on how I am feeling or if I am in a rush and need to get going.

The palettes I have been playing around with to create these looks have been, the Soph Make Up Revolution palette and the Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette. The shades are similar but not too similar so you can create different looks with the palettes. There is a little bit of difference in terms of pigmentation and quality but in all honestly I do not think you can really tell once they were applied on the lids which is the whole point isn’t it?

What are your current autumn eye looks? Are you an amber or lilac girl?

  • Cole
    20th September 2018 / Reply

    I love the Soph extra spice palette! I need to get my hands on a couple of the Huda mini palettes