Productivity Hack

Let’s talk about the Hijab | Lifestyle

There has been a lot of discussion about wearing the hijab on the internet recently and not all good. But I do not want...

The February To Do List | Lifestyle

After sharing my January to do list, I thought I would share what the February to do list.
Whats on Netflix

What’s on Netflix this month | February

There has been a lot of goodness on Netflix recently so I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been watching on the streaming platform this...
Dealing with Anxiety

Being a loner – A blessing and a curse

What happens when you become too accustomed to your own company? While I am all about being comfortable sitting in your own company, there...
Books to read in 2019

Why I loved reading Crazy Rich Asians

It is not every day I fall in love with a romance novel but that is exactly what happened from the moment I started reading Crazy Rich Asians....

Entering my late twenties

Today is my birthday and I am officially midway halfway through my twenties and looking back, I am not sure what I expected my life to be like...