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16th August 2017 by naffy

Desk Ideas Bedroom design When I first moved away for university, one of the things I was excited to do was decorate my room how I could make it feel like mine. Since then I have moved a couple more times and I have learnt a few things to which help in adding personality to your bedroom.

The first thing I do is fill the bookshelf. I have never known a bedroom without a bookshelf filled with books so I instantly fill it with some of my favourite books. Of course, I didn’t bring all my books across the country with me but I had a good try! If there is something which when you unpack it, puts your at ease and makes you relax and feel at home – unpack it first it will help give you direction on where you want to place things but it will also prevent anxious feelings which can some from moving.

Another thing I do is change it up slightly. Each room I have had has been different in a good way.  I absolutely adore my room at the moment but it took me a while to get there. Do not be afraid to experiment, You don’t need to paint your room. Instead, you can experiment with bedding and other bits and pieces like stationary holders, ornaments, colour schemes to suit what you a feeling at the time. Almost two months in, I know this is where I want to stay for a while which is why almost two months in, I am collecting some new pieces to add to the room which I will be sharing with you. Your personality changes so do not be afraid to reflect that in your room and your possessions.

Creating space and organising things like my make up also makes a difference. I love making sure things have a certain space in the room – from my studio lights to the handbag I take to work. If your room is small thing of storage ideas for your bits and bobs. I like things like this drawer set from Wilkinsons as they can be really useful and help save you a tonne of space.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing with some of the things I am working on to add some personality to your bedroom.



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