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A girls guide to travelling solo | Life

12th July 2017 by naffy

London Hotel IMG_9666 Organisation Tips As a girl, there is an expectation that travelling is not something we should do alone. If we do it alone we need to extra careful. While I do say, ‘who cares what people think – just do you” there is a comfort in knowing what to expect. I have always loved travelling – in particular, travelling solo on my own.

Travelling solo allows you to do exploring at your own pace and to the beat of your own drum and is something I think you should all do. To get you started, I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks I have learnt over the years.

Have a brief Plan

When I first made my trips to London I would always have a brief plan of what I wanted to do. The people I want to see, the places I want to go eat. This made me less anxious and allowed me to book reservations and get excited about the travelling I will be doing.

Get to know the hotel staff

I personally feel safer when I stay at a hotel and in my last stay I ended up making friends with a couple of the staff there. I didn’t do it intentionally but it made all the difference and it gave me just a little bit of extra comfort.

Download Uber

This one is a little bit controversial but I cannot tell you how much this has help me. If you need to get a taxi somewhere you are not familiar with, Uber is the safest option. If you lose something, you can trace it, if something happens to you on your journey, you can report it and trace it without much problem.

Carry a little bit of cash

Now I am not telling you to around hundreds of pounds but at least make sure you have £10 in your purse. This is coming from the girl who use to hardly carry any cash around with her and relied on her bank card. Cards are great and I understand why people do not carry cash around with them but you never know when you need to make an unexpected purchase. In a place you do not know well and are not sure where the ATM Machines are, there is no worse feeling than when you pick up a chocolate bar to find the shop doesn’t take a card.

Have fun

This goes without saying but ultimately travelling, be it on your own with friends or family is suppose to be fun so have a bit of fun, Laugh, smile, cry do all those things. Create some wonderful memories. You will never regret travelling but there is a chance you will regret not travelling.

Have you been travelling solo before? let me know your tips in the comments!

  • Ursula
    17th July 2017 / Reply

    I am saving up to go out of town to travel in the Fall (not a fan of traveling in summer…I like to hide under fan or AC w/ a glass of water!) but I enjoyed reading your travel advice!