2 Broke Girls

14th October 2012 by naffy

I have been wanting to write about this hit US comedy show for absolutely ages but I never got around to it. Nevertheless I am finally getting around to telling you about it now.

Some comedies do not always get the right amount of funny in them (in my opinion  There can be some that are too crude while others are not crude at all. This show gets the balance exactly right. It is witty, funny and has 2 great female actresses as female leads. (I’m addressing that fact because more female leads in comedy should be spoken about)

It follows the rich Manhattan socialite Caroline Channing (played by Beth Behrs) on her fall from grace as she has to survive on her own with no money after her father is sent to jail. This then leads her to meet Brooklyn born Max Black (played by Kat Dunnings) who has been been working low paid jobs for the majority of her life and comes from a poor background.

The basic story tells about how they become friends, creating a friendship that on paper shouldn’t work yet it does. It goes through high’s and lows as we watch them try to juggle, working at a cafe, trying to make their business idea take off, falling in love and learning about each others backgrounds.

Ok, I realise how deep that sounds but it is really cleverly done. It makes me laugh all the time. They both have some amazing one liners throughout the show and the other cast members are there providing laughs and releasing tensions.

I compared it to New Girl, simply because I started watching them at the same time and (although I do really enjoy that show and think that the lovely Zoe Deschanel is an amazing tremendous actress.) I laugh out loud more when I watch 2 broke girls.

Whitney Cummings and Michael King do an fantastic job with the script add in to it the comedy brilliance of Kat Dunning (who I have seenwatched on TV from when she started off on the show raising dad in 2002) and the enterance of the funny Jennifer Coleridge further on in the series.

2 Broke Girls is currently on E4

If you like New Girl, Big Bang Theory and How I met your mother I have a feeling you will like this.

  • 15th October 2012 / Reply

    I love this show!! Perfect humor!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  • 17th October 2012 / Reply

    it is hilarious, I laugh the whole way through! xo