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The Shower Refresh | Review

17th April 2018 by naffy

Sulphate free shampoo The Body Shop Shower Gel So it’s been a while since I’ve shared with you what is in my bathroom and in all honesty that is mainly because I rarely change up the products I use. However, I recently had a little bit of an overhaul so I thought I would share with you some of the new additions to my little Shower space.

Firstly for the hair I’m trying out the OGX Coconut water shampoo and conditioner. The main reason for this is that my hair has been playing up big time and I really want to get it cut and looked after that way before including any treatments into my routine. This little duo seemed like the perfect way to look after my hair in the interim of that.

On first impressions I have to say I do really enjoy using them. They don’t weigh my hair down and it leaves my hair feeling fresh, cleaned and looked after. As it is more on the natural side (it doesn’t include sulphates) there is not as much lather compared to other shampoos and conditioners I have tried in the pass. Normally, this makes me feel a bit mad but  it does lather up enough  I still feel like I am getting the shampoo experience without further damaging my hair.

Moving on the Body – I’ve been using the Nair Hair removal cream for my arms and I cannot tell you how much of a life saver this has been. I don’t have the hairiest arms but you know, there’s a little bit of something something there and this is so easy to use. My hair grows back lighter than it did when I first used it. It’s also a pain free and affordable way to get them summer arms.

To help tackle any of the dry skin I’ve been using this exfoliating mit which I found from Home Bargains. Rather than using a poof this allows you to really tackle the skin getting rid of any grim you may have on the body. To go along with this I’ve been using my beloved Body Shop Mango Body Wash. a classic product but for good reason. It’s fresh and uplifting and the packaging makes it really easy to use too.

It would be no use doing all this work if I wasn’t going to lock everything in with a moisturiser and the current one I have on rotation is the Sanctuary Spa Luxurious Body Butter which I absolutely adore. Leaves me feeling soft and hydrated. it absorbs quickly in the skin which is great as I aways feel cold after finishing in the shower and do not want to be shivering for too long.

After sticking to the same products for what feels like an eternity this little shift has really got me excited about shower products again so stay tuned, there maybe another overhaul sooner rather than later.

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